Artist Biography

Found Histories, Conjoined Identities


Frances Ryan – Scottish Artist from Denny, Stirlingshire

Frances studied Fine Art, Printmaking at DJCAD Dundee and an MFA at Edinburgh College of Art and works in Collage using found images, vintage ephemera, mixed media and mark making.

In this world saturated with images Frances believes Collage brings a focus on looking, on finding hidden narratives, on connected histories and shared experiences.

In January 2019 Frances won the Visual Arts Scotland, Studio Faire residency award, she has work in private collections in Canada, USA, China, Malta, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Scotland, she has exhibited in Scotland, Belgium, London and Boston USA.

Artist Statement

I specialize in Collage and Mark Making, I explore memory, nostalgia, relationships, and both local and personal histories. My work has often been described as poetic and emotional and it often revolves around characters both real and imagined, bringing characters and narrative to life to tell their story and often highlights both the characters vulnerability and strength.

My chosen medium of Collage adds its own element to the work. Collage has its own agenda; the seemingly random pairing of elements and ephemera always brings an unintended element to my work, which adds another layer to the characters and narrative.  The Mark Making is a more emotive element, expressive and more direct, this can be mindful and delicate as well as sometimes visceral and comes not only with the marks made by pencils, charcoal, paintbrushes and graphite but also with the cut of the scissors. For me, these media always brings an element of surprise to the work and allow others to read into the work something of their own.