‘From the Usher Hall’

‘For Mum’

‘Wishing I Could Remember’

‘To The Bath House’

‘Chorus Line -Grab Yer Coat You’ve Pulled’

‘PPE – Spring Catalogue 2020’




‘Home Visit’




‘No 7’

‘The Gala Committee’

‘Road Less Travelled’

‘Road to Nowhere’

‘Wing Man’ no 1

‘Wing Man’ no 2

‘Not Donnie Darko’ for Februllage 2020

‘Anticipation in the Journey’

‘Hold’ no 1

‘As Others See Us’

‘Be There to Meet Me’

‘Aw the Braws’

‘Dapper Dan’

‘Circles’ no 1

‘Circles’ no 2

‘Collage Maketh Thyself’


‘Fast and Loose’

‘Flight Path’

‘Flinging Pieces Oot a 20 Storey Flat’

‘Finding a Place of My Own’


‘Going, Going, Gone’

‘Grandma Lizzie… This Polka Dot Dress Was One Of Her Favourites’

‘Hello Dolly’

‘Hold’ no 2


‘I Feel The Weight On Her Shoulders’


‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph Protect Our Immigrants’

‘Julian – Jan 1941’ also known as ‘Missing’

‘La Coiffure’ no 2

‘Little Red’

‘Making Her Mark’

‘Lot no 18’

‘Lot no 15’

‘Trooping the Colour’

‘Proud As’

‘Blue Blanket no 1’

‘Blue Blanket no 2’

‘The Visit’ part 1

‘The Visit’ part 2

‘The Visit’ part 3

‘The Visit’ part 4

‘Cutting Remarks’

‘Nothing Comes to Mind’

‘A Distant Memory’ Limited Edition Giclee Print

‘Aww, Awa’ Limited Edition Giclee Print

‘Yonder Awa’ Limited Edition Giclee Print

‘Be There To Meet Me’ Limited Edition Giclee Print


Untitled – Mixed Media

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