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My first ever blog post;

If you are reading this then I would like to say ‘Thank You’ i am not entirely sure how this will unfold but i do feel that i would like to have a platform where i can say a bit about my artworks and a little about my journey as an artist, it is going to be kind of organic as planning is not one of my strengths, however i would like to see where this takes me and am delighted to have you along for the ride. What i do know is i have been working on a few series of works over the last year or so and i wanted to have a record somewhere of what these series are about, so i will in the first few posts say something about these works. I think this will help me to move on from them and help me to look at elements that have been successful and maybe take note of things that perhaps haven’t worked so well.


I would also like to use it as a kind of archive, maybe something that my kids would like to read over some day to see what kind of things went through my head and how i worked through them. I struggle with a lack of confidence in quite a few areas of my life and see my art as a way to deal with this and other issues, however its also a platform that brings me great joy and a sense of accomplishment which allows me to build my confidence and hopefully inspire a little in others. This is helped immensely when certain works are well received within the artist community that i find myself part of nowadays.



The piece above ‘Yours Peggie’ is one of those pieces, this has been a bit of an eye opener for me, its one of a small unnamed series of collages that really brought me on board as a collage artist. Collage has always been a part of my art practice, but it was sometime between 2017 and 2018 that it seemed to become my go to medium.


‘Yours Peggie’ (title was taken from writing on the back of the postcard used in the work) was submitted into the Edinburgh Collage Collective’s #cutandpost open call (on Instagram and Facebook) in November 2018 and was one of the pieces selected for their limited edition set of 24 postcards, a beautifully presented handheld exhibition. I was over the moon at this and it felt all the more sweet as it was like a message from my mum whose name was Peggy, it was to me a kind of endorsement that she was happy with where my art was going and that i was on the right path in some way. It also began to open up the Collage Community on Instagram for me and opened my eyes to so many fantastic and inspiring artists out there working in this medium.


I am grateful for the welcome that i have received and the support and inspiration that comes from this collage community has been so good for me and i hope that by participating and engaging with others out there exploring and learning and growing together that i can in some way maybe return some of that support and inspiration.


If you have managed to read this far and would maybe like to read some more, please feel free to sign up to my mailing list for a little reminder when i post on here. My next post will be about how my ‘Conter Fleurette’ series came about, the inspiration behind it and how 4 women’s lives have been linked over centuries and crossing borders and all brought about via submitting a piece into the Visual Arts Scotland exhibition ‘Alight’ in January 2019……

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